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MSXmath mathematics precomputed table generator (for trigonometry or custom operations).

Command line options

MSXmath 1.6.1 - Math Table Generator
Usage: MSXmath [options] [tables]
  -o <filename>    Filename of the output file (default: use input filename with .h/.asm/.bin extension)
  -num   <N>       Entries Number (Precision. Default=128)
  -shift <S>       Shift value (Fixed-point position. Default=4)
  -bytes <B>       Bytes Number (1: 8bits, 2: 16 bits, 4: 32 bits. Default=2)
  -prefix <str>    Table name prefix (0: Disable. Default=g_)
  -format ?        Output file format
    auto           Auto-detected using output file extension (default)
    c              C header file format
    asm            Assembler file format
    bin            Raw binary data file
  -at     X        Data base address
  -help            Display this help
  sin              Sinus table [0:Pi*2]
  cos              Cosinus table [0:Pi*2]
  tan              Tangente table [-Pi/2:Pi/2]
  asin             Arc-sinus table [-1:1]
  acos             Arc-cosinus table [-1:1]
  atan             Arc-tangente table [-num:num]
  sq               Square table [0:1]
  sqrt             Square-root table [0:num]
  pow  A           Power of A [0:num]
  exp              Exponential
  log              Natural logarithm (to the base e)
  log10            Common logarithm (to the base 10)
  proj W H         3d projection tables (W/H: screen width/height)
  rot              Rotation vector table
  equa A B C D E   Equation of type y=A+B*(C+x*D)^E
  map  A B         Map [0:num[ values to [A:B] space
Note: All number can be decimal or hexadecimal starting with '0x', '$' or '#'.