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Code: device/ninjatap.h

Category: Device

Dependencies: None


The device/ninjatap module provides the features to use a Ninja Tap peripheral, allowing 4 joysticks to be connected to a single MSX joystick port. So 8 joysticks can be use on a MSX with 2 Ninja Tap!

Note: This module also handles the case where a joystick is plugged directly into a joystick port without going through a Ninja Tap. Thus, using the functions of this module allows you to manage the case where the user has one or two Ninja Taps, but also the case where he has none.

For more information about Ninja Tap:


To use this module, include "device/ninjatap.h" in your source code, and add "device/ninjatap" to the modules list (LibModules) in your project's configuration file (project_config.js).


See module use cases in the sample programs:


Library configuration (msxgl_config.h):

#define PAC_USE_SIGNATURE	TRUE	// Handle application signature to validate saved data
#define PAC_USE_VALIDATOR	TRUE	// Add code to validate input parameters 
#define PAC_DEVICE_MAX		4		// Maximum number of supported PAC devices
// SRAM access method
// - PAC_ACCESS_DIRECT ............ Direct access to SRAM (must be selected in page 1)
// - PAC_ACCESS_BIOS .............. Access through BIOS routines
// - PAC_ACCESS_SWITCH_BIOS ....... Access through BIOS routines with BIOS switched in
// - PAC_ACCESS_SYSTEM ............ Access through MSXgl routine (no need BIOS)


Dependency on other modules: None