Testing library samples

From MSX Game Library

The MSXgl samples can be tested from their respective directories:

πŸ“ projects
β”œβ”€πŸ“ samples Modules sample programs (VDP, PSG, Sprite, Print, etc.)
β”œβ”€πŸ“ targets Samples to test all target (Plain ROM, Mapped ROM, DOS, etc.)
β””β”€πŸ“ template Template sample (can be use as base to create a new program)


Each sample have 2 files :

  • .c with sample source code
  • .cmd with Build Tool option overwrite

Execute build.bat and type the name of one of the samples. "s_game" for example. Note: Please don't try to run samples state marked as WIP.

Using command-line (CMD.exe) in this directory, you can directly specify the sample to build using the command:

build s_game

You can also overwrite the target format (unless the sample needs a specific target):

build s_game DOS1

Note: If you have configured an emulator path in MSXgl\projects\default_config.cmd, you can edit build.bat and change "set DoRun=0" to "set DoRun=1" to allow auto-launch of the built program.