From MSX Game Library

Note: For the moment, the Build Tool is only compatible with Windows 64-bits OS.

Follow those steps:

1️⃣ Create a directory (name it "MSXgl" e.g.).

  • Note: For now (v0.3.5), please use a directory without any space in the full path.

2️⃣ Install the engine:

3️⃣ If you want to use the emulator auto-launch option:

  • Edit MSXgl\projects\default_config.cmd file (the default Build tool's configuration),
  • Search for "set Emulator" and set the path for your favorite emulator (can be OpenMSX, Emulicious, BlueMSX, Meisei, fMSX or Ru-MSX) and add "set DoRun=1".
  • Note: Many other options from default_config.cmd are overwriten by samples' build script.

You are done! You can start testing library samples or create your own brand new game!