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macOS users need to manually setup their environment before they can run the MSXgl's Build tool. Here is a guide provided by user Syntrax to help you in this process.


  • Install Node.js (18.12.1 or newer)


Unpack archive: sudo cp -R * /usr/opt/.


Go in to the MSXgl folder and recompile all the enclosed tools. As sources are included, its mostly ./ At minimum, you require the xcode terminal environment. That will compile for example MSXhex, MSXbin and msxtar.


Then the project/sample's script will start calling SDCC components or the binaries. macOS will block that for security reasons, so will fail.

  • Go to system setting, security and privacy.
  • There you will find a small part that says "allow appstore and third parties" or "allow appstore" and a button "Allow anyway".
  • Then macOS will ask your administrator credentials and register the binary as safe.
  • When you run, a new popup will appear warning the user about an unknown source but you will have a button "Open".
  • Press that and the binary will start.
  • Repeat this for every step in
  • Once the first project has been build, you probably won't need it anymore unless a previously not used tool is started, which hasn't been authorized yet.

The full process takes about 10~15 minutes to get it up and running.


  • MSXhex is used to convert .IHX files generated by SDCC into final binary file (.ROM, .COM or .BIN).
  • msxtar (not part of MSXtk) is used to generate .DSK file for MSX-DOS or BASIC binary target.
  • Other tools from MSXtk are not part of the build process.