From MSX Game Library

MSXtk (for MSX Tool Kit) is a suite of tools created by the same author of MSXgl (me ^^). It is composed of the following tools:

  • MSXhex: Part of the build tool, this program convert .IHX files generated by SDCC into final binary file (.ROM, .COM or .BIN). The tool handle ROM mapper segment merging to take advantage of SDCC segment definition syntax.
  • MSXimg: Image conversion tool.
  • MSXbin: Convert binary file into data that can be include into source project (C or assembler).
  • MSXcrypt: Encryption tool.
  • MSXmath: Mathematics precomputed table generator (for trigonometry or custom operations).
  • MSXzip: Compressor (only RLEp and lVGM format supported so far).